What We do


–  Health education on Nutrition, prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases: Hypertension, Diabetes, Obesity, Cancers, Stroke, Heart attack leading to sudden deaths, Arthritis, blood clots, and stress.

– Taking blood pressure to screen for Hypertension.

– Nutritional assessment  by taking  Weight, Height, Mid-upper arm circumference and calculating Body Mass Index

– Educating and counseling on Family Planning

– Taking random blood sugar to screen for Diabetes

– Education on sexual reproductive health on: 

  1. Changes due to adolescence/ puberty
  2. Prevention of teenage pregnancy
  3. Complications of early premarital sex
  4. Prevention of AIDs and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases

– Carrying out physical exercise sessions for better health. Done by Balaam Mugisha.

– Administering music and dance therapy for better mental health. It is usually done after counseling at the mobile clinic.

– Malaria diagnostic.

– Holding Radio talks on health. 

– Offering Medical Consultation and advice. 

– Distribution and raising awareness on the use of Moringa seeds and powder of Moringa leaves.

– Data collection,  analysis and making reports.

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